Carri Newhouse, MMQ, CMT

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Welcome to where an hour equals 60 minutes!

Congratulations on taking the first steps toward wellness and harmony within your body. I look forward to joining you on your journey. As a full-time massage therapist I am grateful every day for the connections that I make with my dear clients. How may I help you?

I am skilled in therapeutic, swedish, and prenatal massage with pressure ranging from very light to very deep. My philosophy: It does not need to hurt to be effective. Employing a variety of techniques, I aim to facilitate the release of your tension and bring your breath to the parts of your whole that are asking for your attention. Enhance your daily routine by supporting the health and function of your muscles. Let go of unnecessary stress; your body will thank you.

Massage makes a wonderful gift. Gift certificates are available for your loved ones. Remember to bestow the gift upon yourself.

Write yourself into your own schedule.

 You deserve to feel well.


~Carri Newhouse, CMT, (MMQ)

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